contract overname?

  • 11 July 2016
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Dear KPN,

On end of May 2016, I have sent an "contract overname" form along with copy of ID of the house owner and copy of my ID. Until today, I have not received any update regarding the transfer and I am not sure if KPN has received the form.

May I know if the transfer is progressing right now ?

thank you very much for your time and help.

Best regards,


PS: should I give my contact details in the forum ? I am not sure how this works.

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Someone of KPN Webcare wil make contact on this topic. At the same time they wil sent a private message for extra, private, information. Don't mention those things on the public forum.
Waiting time for Webcare is max. 24 hours.
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Hi Armando, welcome at the KPN Forums! Too bad you have not heard from us since you sent us the "contract overname" form.

Send a reply to my private message and I am going to find out why this is taking so long, and I will help you out!
@PeterG : thank you for your notification :)
@Koen : I have replied tour private message