Increased prices in fixed internet contract but newer contracts are offered at a lower price?

  • 28 September 2023
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I have a fixed 1 year contract with KPN from last year which ends by Dec 30th 2023.

I had contracted at that point for 52EUR for 200Mbps (+ Fritzbox was offered at 50% off - just to be clear it’s nice but don’t need it as such & just took it thinking part of package) & with 6 month 50% discount. Post my korting was over in May, I payed 54EUR and from June my contract was increased with 3.33 EUR in name of correction making now payment as 59.07 EUR! I was on vacation & didn’t read the details in mail / bank account & just realised it now!

I had a discussion with support team via telephone as well (few mins back!) and unclear on two aspects after the conversation which they were not able to explain:

  • Firstly, how can KPN increase prices in a fixed contract. Isn’t it the whole point of fixed contracts that we (myself & KPN) takes a risk and in case a cheaper contracts are available I am to honour the contract and also same goes for KPN?? If that is not the case, why as a consumer am obliged to honour it then! 
  • Secondly, I was informed the prices correction is due to government instructions and KPN cannot do anything about it. And my question then is that as-on-date if I go and try to take a new contract from KPN, I see for my area for 200Mbps price offered is 50EUR (& 6month discount)! Which means KPN has two different rates for existing customer & new customer? I would really love to see any Goverment instructions thata ask that you are allowed for the same month to offer a different price for two different customers!

This has for sure shook my believe in KPN as it’s for me not only about ~3 EUR but more about trust, which KPN has for sure lost & would be hard for me to think of continuing beyond my current tenure!


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Hi @Akhreeti, welcome to our forum!
All available information about the latest inflation correction is in the links mentioned in this topic:


If you'd like to change your subscription you can do so in your MijnKPN or through our customer service on 0800-0402 or in a physical shop

Thanks Thomas for the details.

So KPN (may be like other companies) keep a fine print to do inflation correction if required.

Can you please explain that how an inflation correction is a percentage change over existing value where the total value to be  paid by an existing customer is higher than a new customer (and not talking about korting)!

I would assume under same inflation correction if the inflation has gone down I as consumer should also get my bill reduced (which I do not see the case) & new contract as on date for same speed in same location are cheaper than existing.

I fully understand companies need to safe guard themselves, but somehow don't feel the whole system is fair. It seems only in advantage of KPN & not consumer's!

Also, wrt change I was told I still need to uphold the contract until end or else pay all the pending charges until end to change. I also offered that can I end my contract & take a new contract from KPN this reducing my tarief to current market rate and that is also not allowed and no korting will be given as well then (and still breach of contract would be called out).

So IMO today's contract I signed with KPN states KPN can change or charge whatever they like under contract period once you sign contract and still offer new contract at lower rates to lure more customers! Somehow that is what is bothering me more than an inflation correction!

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I understand your concern @Akhreeti  However, when you agreed to your contract, you also agreed to the Terms and Condition. These clearly state that KPN has the right to apply inflation correction once a year, without it impeding the terms and conditions of the contract. And thus upholding the contract.

It is possible that the inflation correction would mean a decrease of the monthly bill. However, as of late, inflation has only gone up and thus increasing the bills of both KPN and the customers.

It is also true that inflation correction is only applied to contracts that are over 3 months old. You are free to renew your contract in December to benefit of the same prices as new customer. You are also free to end your current contract by paying off all pending charges at onces and then get a new contract. Though, let it be known that discounts do not apply to renewed contracts.