DNS Server change Experiabox V8 and slow upload rate

  • 17 mei 2012
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Dear Forum,

I hope you don‘t mind that I write in English to you as my Dutch spelling is very poor. You can always answer back in Dutch to me. Many thanks. I am new to KPN Glasvezel and I have contacted the KPN hotline several times already but some questions remained unanswered:


   - In the beginning we had a stable down- and upload rate of 92Mbit and 90Mbit. Since last week the upload rate varies between 60Mbit and 90Mbit but most of the time arround 60Mbit. Do you encounter the same? Any ideas how to go to 90Mbit permanently?

   - How can I change the DNS servers in the Experiabox V8 Arcadyan? According to the KPN hotline it should be possible under „Data“ in the router settings. Unfortunately I can‘t see this one in the router interface, I only see „NAT“ and „Firewall“.

   - I am also not able to see the actual status information such as "Data Rate" or "Line Status" under „xDSL Status“, everything is blank here. Do you have any idea how to display those information?

   - This one is not realy related to the Internet but since we have Glasvezel we can‘t see the incoming phone number anymore.

If you have any sugestions for the questions above, please let me know. Many, many thanks.

Kind regards,


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Sorry for the delay in my answer. I am not sure it is possible to change the DNS servers in the Experiabox V8.

Kind regards.