Extra bill for technician, please refund

  • 30 July 2021
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This is satya and my kpn number is "Uw klantnummer: ****",

This is regarding extra bill of 60 euros, currently i am not in netherlands and cannt call you for a moment also  didn't find any customer care email id hence raising my concern in this forum.

There was a internet fluctuation 52 times and the same was confirmed by your colleague for that one of your other colleague visited my house and checked the issue but ge couldn't find the issue, as per him there is no issue and for visiting your house and checking the problem made me charges 60 euros which is not at all good.. Check my account records and refund my 60 euros back.. Please approach me via my email id. 

Please do needful. 



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Hi @Extra bill, welcome. 

I understand your not happy with the bill the mechanic left you. I read his report and says the speed is ok. Didn't loose the network. I don't see that too when I measure your line. Only a couple of restarts of the modem. So the disconnections are probably the wifi. He recommended the SuperWifi. And also wanted to change the fiber socket. Everything was fine and due to that I can't refund the bill unfortunately. :(

This is not fare, you are lying, when i called customer care they only told me that there 52 frequent disconnections and he only scheduled an appointment with me,i didn't ask…

First thing your bloody network disappointed me with my customer calls and its your network issue, i dont have any passion to see your technicians and spend time with them with the cost of 60 euros..


The technician told me that everything is fine and he left, now why should i bother and don't tell you can't refund unfortunately statements, its your mistake and you have to refund.

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I put your complaint trough to the responsible department. They will soon make a decision if the costs are correct or not. You received a conformation of it. 

I came to India and i cannot answer your call aa it charges me more money, kindly approach me through the email or in this forum…

Thanks in advance.




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I see my colleague try to call you. Unfortunately he couldn't reach you. We know why cause you're in India. But he left me the outcome: unfortunately your claim was denied due to the reasons I already gave you. There's nothing I can do about it. 


THIS IS NOT FARE AT ALL, seems you know how to cheat people and grab the money


There is a network issue, 

Your colleague only arrnaged a technician, 

He did nothing and charged 60 euros extra, 

How open cheating it is, 

Can you escalate it your higher authorities? I wont agree with out doing anything why should i pay 60 euros extra. 


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I already escalate it to higher authorities and this was the answer. There's nothing more I can do. :(

Excuse me,

Whats wrong with you guys, how you are deducting the extra money without my permission, if it is a valid reason i would have ignored but you are cheating customer here…





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I noticed my colleagues who handle the complaints. They decided your claim was not grounded. 

As i said i am not agree with your cheating, i cannt answer your call as i am still out of station, if possible call my spouse and discuss further 685087359.


I want you to escalate this issue to your higher authorities, this is open cheating…

Also i am planning to change trusted network provider not like kpn soon.

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I already did. I escalated it to the deparment who handles the complaints. They denied your complaint. There nothing we can do anymore, everything has been said.

I will move to another network provider once i am back to NL? You guys cheated customers.

There was an network issue you guys came and didnt fix the issue also... 

Instead of cheating customers you would have close the organization.…

Shame on your organization, Shame on your customer care support. 

I am coming to netherlands and soon i am going to switch to another provider as i didnt like kpn and customer support... 

Take my feedback and complaint that you cheated customer and KPN doesnt have ethics.. I never choose kpn and suggest the same to my colleagues... 

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You keep complaining about this issue. Maybe you are right, maybe not. KPN will not refund you as they stated. Few options: pay the bill, get a lawyer or switch to another provider. For KPN this case is closed and they will not answer on this thread again I guess.