Het internet was snel en heel slecht en traag en nutteloos

  • 25 March 2019
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Zorgeloos 😡😡🚫

Beste antwoord door Marina_ 26 March 2019, 12:34

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A problem for all people must be solved
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Hoi @Ahmadhijazi
jouw bericht is erg onduidelijk 😎
Dus vertel eens wat er aan de hand is en wat je geprobeerd hebt om het op te lossen.

*Welke Experiabox heb je en welke lampjes branden in een andere kleur dan normaal of helemaal niet?
*Heb je al een bekabelde snelheids-test gedaan en wat is de uitslag?
*En heb je DSL of glasvezel?
*En wat is volgens jouw abonnement de snelheid die je hebt afgesloten?
*En gebruik je wifi of bekabeld internet?
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@Ahmadhijazi, I suspect that this is about a prepaid internet bundle. We see several messages about this coming in. The speed limitation of the bundle is now better monitored. Before that, there were a few options that enabled you to have fast (up to 14.4 Mbs) internet with an unlimited bundle. This is no longer possible. In several cases the unlimited bundles gave a high quality and several customers benefited from this. So it is true that you experience a slower connection, but the speeds are part of the bundle. If you want to use a faster connection, I advise you to choose another bundle or consider a subscription. If something is unclear, please let us know!
Marina Unfortunately, we do not get the Internet 128kb/s We only get weak internet 04kb/s
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Hi @khalid 123, The speed is also influenced by all kinds of factors with an unlimited bundle. Think of crowds on the mast or apps in the background. 128Kbit / s is a maximum speed. If you want to use faster internet you can choose a different bundle with 14.4 Mbit / s or consider a subscription.
Marina I have lost 20 euro this month and do not take advantage of anything from the Internet how can I trust your company and pay a second balance Now I don't even get 10 kb /s to internet
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@khalid 123 You are not satisfied with my answer, but this is how the bundle works. I can't do anything else about it. You can use unlimited internet with this bundle, but it works slower. If you want to use faster internet, i advise you not to take this bundle anymore.