I have very slow!

  • 8 March 2019
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I have very slow Internet ... help!

Beste antwoord door Erik van KPN 14 March 2019, 21:18

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23 reacties

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Can you please check the speed of your internet connection using on a PC that is connected through a networkcable.
What is the speed?
10 kbs, on my phone. I have bundel for 8,99eur. I think tha I should have 128mbs...not 10mbs max.

Please help
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I assume that you have the "Internet bundel" below.

In that case you should have a speed of 128 kbps. Still very slow but for functionality like whatsapp is should be fine.
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Hi Ocnagard, welcome to the forum! It seems to me that wjb is on the right path here. For €8,99 the only bundles we have are the prepaid ones with a speed of 128 Kbit. The 10 Kbit you mention, is that what the speed test gives as a result?
Yes Erik_ only 10kbs 😞
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Just one more check question. You are absolutely sure that the speed test measures 10 kilobit and not 10 KiloByte? The speed of the bundle is 128 kilobit, which translates to about 16 KiloByte. If you get 10 KiloByte, it is a bit slow, but still reasonable.

If it is really 10 kilobit, can you fill in your 06-numnber in your forum profile, in the field 'Klantnummer mobiel'

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So it's 11,6 kB/s, which is 92,8 kb/s. Not very fast indeed, but also not terribly slow.
(B = byte, b = bit, 1 byte = 8 bits)
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K = Kelvin, k = kilo. (@Erik_, misschien ook goed om jullie site hier eens op te corrigeren.)

92,8kb/s is still not the 128kb/s that you should be able to get.
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It is indeed kiloByte you're measuring, so the speed you're getting is within parameters. The 128 kbit is strictly enforced (as in, no higher speeds), but it is possible that in practice you experience less speed because of background data use by apps on your phone and so on.

I think that is not normal speed, it is very slow
I can not even open a picture from internet some time
I have this SIM CARD from 11 August 2018, and my internet is very slow from beginning 😞
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Yes, 0.11Mbps is very slow but ... 0.11Mbps is 112kbps and that is almost the speed belonging to the databundel that you purchased.
I wonder where I can file an appeal because of the slow Internet? Can you answer me?
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0.11Mbps = 0.11 * 1Mbps = 0.11 * 1024kbps = 112,64kbps.
I can't make it anything else so the speed you receive is almost the maximum speed of the databundel you purchased.

I know the speed is very very very low, but unfortunately it is the the max you will get with this databundel of 128kbps.

We have the same tariff with my friend

Same bundel...for 8.99 eur
how is it possible that such a difference is
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We have the same tariff with my friend
In that case your friend is very lucky as the speedtest says he gets 14540kbps instead of the 128kbps he/she is entitled to or could it be that he/she has the databundel below.

Don't shoot the messenger, i can't change it.
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If your friend is getting 14 Mbit speeds, he must have a different data bundle. What I can do for you is check which bundle you currently have. If that is the Zorgeloos Online bundle, then the speeds are correct. Add your phone number to your forum profile (the field 'klantnummer mobiel').