KPN box 12 can not connect to the internet

  • 16 June 2021
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Hi all,

(sorry for engligh due to a foreigner)

Yesterday (15-06-2021) I received the SMS saying my internet is active, I can start to use the internet after waiting for one week. I installed the KPN box 12 to the wall socket (4 pins, see pics below) as the “Thuis” app step by step. The installation was always smooth with the help of Thuis app, but it say there is no internet connection. My laptop and phone can connect to the wifi, but it always says there is no internet available.


Because I moved here, the former householder has open the wall socket, and he reconnect the copper wires to one end of the gray RJ11, so that the other end can directly connect to the modem. I was thinking maybe KPN use different wired with the other network provider. So I open the wall socket with screw, cut the cords and find 5 colors copper wires are red, blue, orange, white and also a very thin copper wire without rubber skin. I stripped the rubber skin of the four copper wires.

I also cut one end of the gray RJ11 and there are 2 copper wires, blue and red. I stripped the rubber skin and I tried to connect the blue coper wire to  the blue one from the wall socket, and the red to red. I restart the modem, install the modem as the Thuis app says, wait 15mins, it does not work because there is no internet available.


Then I tried the other combination, blue to white, red to orange, repeat the installation of modem and wait 15min, still no internet. 


Then I tried Blue to orange/white, red to white/orange, I spend too much times in the evening, but nothing works, no internet, no internet, no internet. But I really need internet.


This morning (16-06-2021) I called 0800-0402, several times. Because the voice in the line is in dutch, it really lead to a problem to find the human customer service. After after an hours` trying, l got the servicer, and after keep waiting for around 5min online, my phone was suddenly hang up without any known reason. I can do nothing but call 0800-0402 the third time, luckily this time, this time the servicer tell me they will arrange a mechanic to come this Friday. 


It is really really a terrible experience to use KPN service at the beginning, maybe due to the old wall socket, maybe due to the new KPN box 12 is not totally matched with the old wall socket, but anyway, KPN can not exclude those possible factors because there are so many consumers have the similar problems.


I don`t know in such COVID time, how can my families work at home for the 3 days without internet, I need to use database, to participate online meetings. 















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The right combination is either red/blue or orange/white. Is the wall plug (the so called ‘varkenssnuit’) still in the wall? If so, great! I just so happen to have one at hand as well.


If you strip down the wires about half a centimeter and wire them up like the image below it should probably work. I have used orange and blue as I don't have any original cable lying around but just use your imagination with the colors 🤡. Wire up red at the marker saying ‘A’ and blue at the marker saying ‘B’. If that still doesn't work it might be on orange/white. If that one doesn't work either a mechanic should come to test the line. I understand your struggles regarding the phone. I guess it's best to wait for a moderator here then. Have you filled in your profile with your address? This is private information and can only be seen by you and the moderators of KPN.


HI NHendriks,

Thank you very much for the information.

I believe I have tried any combinations last night, either Blue- red, Orange-white, Blue-white, Blue-orange…., I even tried Red-blue in case Blue-red is not the correct sequence... and the boring thing is that you need to wait at least 10min for every combination due to the restart of the modem. It`s frustrating to waste so much time and it still does not work at all. Because normally it should be Blue and Red, so I carefully check Blue-red, and red- blue, then Orange- white, then white-orange. Nothing works. 


I think tonight I`ll try again, otherwise, I`ll wait for the mechanic. 

This morning the servicer on phone asked my address. I think Friday morning one mechanic will come to solve it.


I change my internet provider from Tele2 to KPN,  for Tele2, it never has any problems, I use Blue and red wire, never has any problem, But same Blue and red is not work at all for the new modem without changing anything. I remove the RJ11  from Tele2 and plug it into KPN box 12 modem, not work at all. That`s why last night I tried other different combinations to find the correct one, but clearly, I failed.


But thanks for your suggestion. I`ll try one more time later.



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Ah, when you changed from Tele2 to KPN it might be possible that a change in our local distribution point has to be made. Tele2 does use our network but sometimes with their own equipment. In that case the setup can stay the same as it was before with Tele2.

What a fucking day! I made an appointment with KPN, the servicer said a mechanic will come this morning between 08:00-10:00, but today I specifically wait him coming at home till 10:10, no one is coming. Then I called the 0800-0419 again, and i was told no engineer was planed to come to my home today! And the earliest date an engineer can come is next Tuesday, ahhhhhhhhh, what should i do!? How can i work at home!? How can i join the online meeting!? Really make me crazy

I just received the email( what a shit):

Geachte heer Chen,



Uw aansluiting is klaar voor installatie.


Sluit makkelijk zelf uw apparatuur aan
Uw apparatuur is nog niet aangesloten. Als u hulp nodig hebt bij het installeren, dan wijst de KPN Installatiehulp u de weg. En u kunt ook altijd hulp vragen aan onze experts die 7 dagen in de week voor u klaar staan. Wij helpen u graag om de installatie succesvol af te ronden.


Installeer met de KPN Installatiehulp


Over 2 dagen start uw factuurperiode
Vanaf dat moment berekenen wij de kosten van uw abonnement tot het einde van de maand.



Liever direct een monteur?
U kunt ook direct een monteur bestellen. Dit kost eenmalig € 75,00. Een monteur helpt u dan met de installatie van het modem, de wifi, 1 tv, 1 computer en 1 telefoon.


Bestel een monteur




Hebt u nog vragen?
Dan helpen wij u graag op kpn.com/service. Of bel ons gratis op 0800-0402.


Vind uw antwoord




Met vriendelijke groet,

Jörg Kramer
Directeur Klantenservice

I has used Tele2 modem for longer than 2 years with the blue and red copper wire (see pic below), it never has any problems with the internet connection.  Since 15-June, I tried to connect the blue and red copper wires many times to KPN box 12, never worked! I also tried the Orange and white copper wire, never worked


I should be some setting KPN not changed but should be changed by KPN.



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Hi @FChen, welcome to our forums. This ain't a good start of our relationship!
Thank you for filling in your profile, I immediately took a look at the connection/order. I'm seeing that my colleagues made a ticket for our backoffice last Friday (18th). I can't see the specifics of these tickets but they should contact you as soon as possible. Keep in mind they'll call from a 088 or private number, 

I’m waiting…


The wifi and power green light keep green constantly, but the internet light keeps blinking. I tried to connect blue+red copper wire or orange+white copper wire, never worked!


before i moved to KPN, i used Tele2, blue-red copper wite alwaysworks nicely for more than 2 years.

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If that's not working we'll really have to wait for my colleagues at the backoffice. I'm afraid I can't expedite this.

The simplest way to solve the problem is: arrange a mechanic quickly drive to the local distribution center (the metal box on the roadside) at downstairs of my building, open it with a key, push a button to change the internet setup, close and lock the box, that’s it! That’s all the work that need to be done! Only 10 seconds’ work.

It’s already one WHOLE week since KPN told me my internet is actived on 15 June.


The mechanic didn’t showup at the appointed time without any reason or explanation.


The customer servicer on 0800-0402, which is supper difficult to connect, can not make another appointment for me as soon as possible. Either because his system was error again or dut to no data was available for appointment recently.

This morning i called 0800-0402 again and the customer servicer told me his colleague will call  me within couple of hours. Clearly for the whole day no one from KPN call me.


It’s already 21st century, I totally can not imagine how LOW efficiency KPN is serving for its consumers, and how a company still developing with a good attitude but just can't get any things done.

Do i have to pay the 75euro to ask a mechanic who works 24x7? Is this the right way to be a new consumer for KPN? If I don’t pay, they will always break the appointment?


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I completely understand how frustrating this is. Every day without internet is one day too many.
This is ofcourse not how this is supposed to go. If all went well you'd only have to switch your old modem for your new modem and you'd be on your way.
Apparently that doesn't work so we'll have to send an engineer. (for free) but for some reason we can't schedule those right now.
My colleagues at the backoffice are looking into this right now and will get back to you. 
At this time I don't have any new information or a solid deadline. There is nothing we can do at this time but await my colleagues.

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Hi @FChen, I'm reading that everything should work now.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience. This wasn't a great start.
If you have any other questions you know where to find us!

KPN just did what they should do, actually KPN should do it earlier but not let me waiting for 10days to re-get the internet. Even though now the connection is fine, I still give a bad feedback to KPN’s service.  

Believe me or not, an internet provider with such a poor service won’t survive longer than half a year in China.