KPN Internet - Apple Macbook Air

  • 1 maart 2015
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Dear everyone,

I encountered a little problem while installing the internet from KPN. My computer does not encompass the Ethernet Port nor do I have optical disc drive. Can anybody help me with installing the internet? I managed to connect to network having the name of my Experia box, however the internet is not working at all.

Thank you in advance,


2 reacties

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Hi Petra,

Are there any lights on or flashing on the Experiabox? Like "Broadband" or "internet"? These 2 need to be on. If not, make sure you have connected the DSL-port of the Experiabox to the wall socket (ISRA-punt).

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Hi Petra,

My apologies for the late response. Do you still experience problems connecting to wifi? You do not necessarily need an ethernet connection or installation CD to setup your connection. I understand you have been able to connect to your network name, but internet itself is not working. Do you get any error message, or is there any icon on your Macbook giving more details about this issue?

I also understand you have contacted tech support. A new router will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Could you let me know if you still experience problems with this model?