Need help with installation, fiber box is not connecting, alarm light stays red

  • 7 December 2022
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I’m having trouble installing my fiber box on the cabinet because the red alarm is on all the time and I got no internet signal. Since I’m an expat and don’t speak the languange, I’m having a hard time on the 0800 0402 phone since it is in dutch. Could someone please help me showing the way to dial to get to talk to the support?




Beste antwoord door Thomas 7 December 2022, 15:55

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Hi @victorsouza, welcome to our forum!
By phone on 0800-0402 would still be the quickest way, after the computer sends you a link to our website it'll put you through to one of our co-workers there. They can take a look at your connection.

That said, the red alarm light is generally a bad sign. Have you rebooted he fiber box too? This sometimes fixes it.

Hi, @Thomas, thanks for your help.


I’ve tried multiple times but could make it work. One think that I’ve notice is that I needed to open manually the blue protection of the fiber box in the wall, because the fiber box that I was supposed to put on it, wasn’t opening it and fitting, just after manually opening I was then able to connect the hardware.


So, when I call this number, it does not redirect straight to the support, I should probably dial a few numbers before right? Could you help me telling me what to dial after calling it?



Here its the fiber box after connecting on the wall through the way I said.

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Did you manage to contact somebody yet Victor? If you wait long enough it should connect you to an employee normally. 

Thanks, Remco! I was able to call and schedule a visit of the technician.

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That's good, I expected the technician will be able to fix it!