No internet after activation date, fiber diode doesn't light

  • 20 January 2023
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I hope that I can find some help here, so activation date for my internet subscription was 18 January, yesterday I connected the modem but still I don’t have the internet access. I have fiber connection, but “Glas” diode doesn’t light. 

On the order page the “Start met aansluiten” button is blocked. 

Is the subscription already activated and there is some problem with the connection, or should I still wait for the activation? I haven’t got any information that everything is activated except than the fact that the activation date passed. 

I tried to call the support, but I don’t know dutch yet, but I updated my profile with the client number and address.



Beste antwoord door 9d837f64c2a9 24 January 2023, 14:43

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Hi @9d837f64c2a9! Welcome to the forum. I've checked out your profile and see that the order is ready for installation. If you've followed the steps in the installation guide and it doesn't work, it's best to send an engineer.

Please call 0800-0402 to discuss a preferred time. Please let me know here if you have any problems planning an engineer that way. And I will send one over as soon as possible. 

Hi @Bram_, thank you for such a quick reply! 

When I’m calling this number I can hear dutch and I don’t really understand anything :( Of course I can try to translate it, but if it is possible to schedule an engineer here, I would prefer such option.

I’m available all weekdays as I’m working remotely, so the first possible schedule for an engineer will be fine.

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@9d837f64c2a9 no Dutch, no problem! An engineer will be there tuesday between 1PM and 5PM.

Do take into account that the engineer may not be fluent in English. So it is best to either have someone there who can speak Dutch at that time. Or have software ready that could translate for you. Such as Google translate. 

Thank you @Bram_ for your support! 

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@9d837f64c2a9 happy to help! Let me know here after tuesday everything is okay, just to confirm?

Hello @Bram_,

so a few minutes ago I got an email with the following message

Helaas heeft de monteur niemand op het afgesproken adres aangetroffen. De monteur heeft een kaartje bij je achtergelaten. Maak alsjeblieft zelf een nieuwe afspraak.

which is strange because I was waiting for the whole time in the apartment. But I noticed that the “Glas” light started working and now everything works fine! So we can consider this problem as resolved :) 

I have just one follow up question, when I signed the contract I chose Phillips Smart TV as a promotion gift - but how can I track delivery of this? I haven’t got any mail stating that it was sent to me.

Thank you for your help!

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@9d837f64c2a9 I suspect the engineer found something in the distribution box outside the house. But I can't say that for sure. Either way I`m happy to hear you have internet right now! 🙂

More about the welkomstcadeau here. In short, you will receive word in a couple days. After your subscription starts you will receive an e-mail within a workday. 

It is being sent by a company called Sidekix. You can call them at 088 - 6237 006 for more information. 

Thank you, @Bram_!