Not getting the full speed of the subscription: can it be adjusted?

  • 19 September 2022
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Hi there , 

I have sign the highest speed package but only able to run at 50% speed due to the issue on the 2nd cable connection . After check I can not get the 2nd cable connected to get the full speed . can you revise down my package as I’m paying for 200MB but only get 100Mb now . 


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Has an KPN technician said that the second cable is damaged? Because maybe it is worth your time to get an technician to fixed it. Usually when he can't he will downgrade the abonnement for you.

If an technician was at your house but forgot to do that then an forum moderator can do it for you. If you make sure that your forum profile is up-to-date with all your information then it will be fixed in a couple of days.

I had the KPN technician on site twice , and the issue is the connection of the 2nd cable is at the utility cabin downstairs of my apartment which i have no access to it . You may can check the note that the technicians has left in the system. Without that , he can not activate the 2nd cable .


I have checked with my landlord and neighbour but very strangely no one has the key to open that door . So I'm kind of stuck by paying twice with half speed

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I see options 🤪

But on a serious note, that is unfortunate and if the door can't be opened then you should downgrade.

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@Y.Jin did the (legal part of the) advice of @Ik_Hussel help you reach an answer?