Problem with wifi connection Experia Box V10A

  • 17 juni 2019
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Sorry my Dutch is terrible and I will have to explain in English.

I have had the last few weeks lots of problems with the wifi. It keeps falling out and all devices in the house cannot connect anymore, and the last week or so the tv also stops. The only way to solve the problem is to reset the box. It happens at least once per day and sometimes it is in the morning and sometimes later in the day. When I look at the box it shows a green light on the front and the last time I checked the WPS light is flashing as though I have pressed it to make a connection with a wireless device. I have tried using the KPN site to solve the problem with reboots and resets to factory settings but nothing seems to help.

I have had this box for anumber of months now without a single problem and now this ???? Has anyone any handy tips I can try?

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Welcome, Cookie! English is no problem, at all :)

I have a couple additional questions for you. So if you would answer those, and fill in your forum profile we'll tackle this together.

  • which Experia Box do you have, a V10 or a V10A?
  • are there any red lights on the Experia Box when the wifi fails?
  • when you say the tv stops, I assume you mean the smart tv functions stop (versus tv via our set top box), and that the tv is connected via wifi as well. Is that correct?
  • what's the brand and type of your tv?
Experia box is V10A.
Lights stay green but the blue WPS light flashes on side of box.
TV screen goes blank and a blue error message appears to try switching channels, I do this but no luck. This morning about 05.00 box gave a F143 error. Later in the day was the problem over.
TV is not connected to wifi but via a cable from ARRIS tv box which is connected via a cable from plug socket in all.
TV is a Sony Bravia.

Hope this helps
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Yes, this definitely helps.

Error 143 on the tv indicates a loss of connection between the Arris and the Experia Box. I understand that you use a home plug set to connect the Arris to the Experia Box. The combination of the error and home plugs usually indicates that the connection between the home plugs is not ideal. Can you tell me which home plugs you are using?

I've also looked at your connection in general, and your wifi specifically. The connection itself is excellent, no indications of trouble there. I'm also not seeing any immediate indications of trouble regarding the wifi. Which means it's most likely caused by interference. Generally interference of other wifi networks.

If you have an Android phone available, download this Wifi Analyzer app and use it to scan for wifi. It will tell you which channels are in active use by the wifi networks in and around your house. To avoid interference, it is better to use a different channel. To change the channel, you can use this servicetool (will only work from your home connection). If that does not work, you can log in and change it manually. Let me know if you need assistance with that.
The home plugs are DVS 650.

I will try the wifi analyzer app and see what I can find and let you know the outcome.
Red signaal is from me i have now moved it to channel 6. Will keep you updated if problem is solved

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Ah, yes, that blue network could very well be the cause. I'm expecting the wifi to improve with the channel change to six.

Then, the tv. When the error appears, or when it freezes, do the lights on the home plug change colour? I'm specifically interested in the middle light (the house).

Also, take a look at this topic and check if you have the plugs installed in the recommended way.
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You haven't been back, yet, @Tough Cookie. Has the wifi been stable since you changed the channel? How's the tv doing?
Ok I have given the system the chance to settle down but even after switching channel to number 6, we are still having problems, not only loosing wifi but also the tv shutting down and me having to manually reset the system. I really do not know what more to do.
Just seen something new, Prior to the box shutting down and needing to be reset some wifi devices are unable to get an IP address. They see the wifi and try to connect but experia box will not allow them. These are all devices that are normally able to connect ?? Any Help ??
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That's a shame :(

Alright, tv first: can you answer the question I asked earlier about the home plug lights?

Then, wifi. You mentioned resetting the box. Are you doing that via the reset pin in the back, or de factory reset button in the interface?
Sorry I had not checked the lights 😞 I will do this the next time it shuts down.

When I say resetting the box I mean by turning the power button off waiting a few seconds and then turning it on.
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Sorry I had not checked the lights 😞 I will do this the next time it shuts down.

No problem, I'll wait :)

Tough Cookie wrote:When I say resetting the box I mean by turning the power button off waiting a few seconds and then turning it on.

Ah, right. That's actually a reboot. I want to ask you to give the box an actual reset. Often we see this helps. You can do so by inserting a pin or other small item in the hole marked reset on the back. There's a button hidden in there, press down until the lights on the box turn red, then let go. The reset will take about 10-15 minutes total. You can also do this by logging into the user interface. Pick 'Administration' in the left menu, and then 'Restore' at the top. There's a button then to restore the device to factory defaults.
I have already tried this a while ago, but if you think it helps then I can always try again
I had this at about 16.00 today no wifi or TV, experia box gave a green light and the lights on the plug were all white and stayed on. I have after turning box off and on internet on computer but TV still gives the error and none of the smart telephones can make a connection to the wifi.

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The home plug isn't quite connected in the way we recommend. But I don't believe that to be the issue behind everything. I've taken another look here. Do you also use Experia Wifi, little, black, access points? My system seems to think so. If you do, or if you use another brand access points, do you see any lights changing on them?

Also, if you've already done resets as well, then it's clear that they are not the answer in this case. So, please answer the above questions. Then we can see if if this is something that a technician can fix, or if we need to swap hardware.
Sorry but what are the little black access points ??
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The little, black, access points are Experia Wifi, they look like this. My system seemed to think, on monday at least, that you were using these as well. But when I check now, that is no longer the case. Which leaves not much that could potentially be the cause.

I want to briefly step back to the home plugs. These, should, only influence the tv. But maybe they cause some general interference as well. Can you, as a test, connect the Arris with a cable to the Experia Box and then see if the error returns? If so, then the problem isn't the home plugs. If it works properly that way, then try the home plugs again, but then installed in our recommended manner. Which is to have the home plug in the wall socket, and to not use the adjacent sockets. Instead, you can plug an extension box in the home plug (see also the image).

No I do not have a black access point. I will let you know how it goes with the cable directly from the Arris box to the Experia box and setting the plugs up as you have shown.