Techicians won't come to fix my KPN connection

  • 6 June 2024
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The previous tenants of the house I live in somehow disconnected the house from the grid so when the first technician came they said I needed to get an underground team to come and fix it (which they scheduled for me) 

the underground team was supposed to come on Tuesday but no call, no response nothing whatsoever. I have kpn a call and they said it was out of their jurisdiction. I can’t contact anybody, the app doesn’t let me reschedule another technician and I have exams coming up in a week

this  customer service is going to cause me to fail my exams yay

i don’t understand how it’s so hard for a company to send someone over and just fix something? 

3 reacties

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Hi @Borui, welcome! If you were able to place an order, we should fix whatever the problem is. If that's not possible, we usually contact our subcontractor to fix it. I'm very sorry to hear that this didn't happen. I would advise you to call my colleagues again (0800-0402). They'll create a ticket for our technical colleagues to look into it again!

I have contacted them and they said the wait is going to be a least a couple weeks

At this point I would rather switch to some other provider

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I completely understand! If you want to cancel your contract, you can call us again and ask my colleagues what’s possible. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help through the KPN Community.