Very Slow wifi

  • 17 november 2019
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I have 200 MBPS connection with KPN but I get only 40 mbps (if I am lucky). I pay 51 euros per month for the package but I do not get what I am promised. I was sent KPN amplifiers but still no improvement. I need some immediate assistance.

11 reacties

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Hi @Rajendra Nirmal , Welcome!

Thanks for your explanation, I’m sorry that the internet connection does not meet your expectations. Let's see whether we could solve it from our side. 

First, I need some more information about the internet network. 

  • What type of Experiabox do you have? 
  • What type of amplifier(s)?
  • Do you get the 200 Mbps through a wired connection?

Could you fill out the details in your profile, this allows me to do some analyses of your in-home network and see whether there is any malfunction.

Hi @Lisa 

I have updated my profile to link the product that I use.


I have the below equipments:

Modem: KPN Experia Box v10A

KPN Veilig - Apparaatbeveiliging (2 apparaten) : received 2 free wifi amplifiers 

Through wired connection, I get around 140 mbps


WiFi is less than 40 mbps. Please help!

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some devices are not guaranteed to reach 200mbs. 
as you said trough wired. you can reach 140. and in my opinion thats very good.

for example i have a laptop that only reaches 60 but i have a 500mbs connection.

my phoned reaches 350mbs. and my desktop 500 or more all the way

i bet if you put a brand new laptop or desktop*wired* . you can reach 200mbs.

you can ask for a kpn mechanic but be aware they can charge you 50 euros sometimes. because their device can and will reach 200 mbs.  offcourse if the experiabox is faulty it will be swapped with no cost.


the only question is if your wifi stable and fast enought or do you just want to see 200mbs speed.





I am not expecting the wifi to work at 200 mbps but the low point is that I am unable to stream video without buffering and that irritates me that despite taking a high speed internet and having 2 amplifiers, I cannot enjoy a buffer-free video. I need KPN to realize that if I do not get the speed even to watch a video buffer-free, how will I continue subscription with them?

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ah thats different then excuse me. i cannot asses the situation properly but i think it has to do with the setup. of your wifi amplifiers. if it is too close too your v10A it might not work properly.


why because some devices have problems  choosing the strongest network.  say you have a wifi amplifier on every floor. you are on ground level and you are still connected to the 1st floor amplifier.

then buffering and streaming movies. will be difficult.  and your wifi internet speeds will be very low obviously.


or maybe your v10A is just faulty which only a kpn mechanic can fix by modem swap for v10 maybe.

try turning off your amplifiers. and use only the v10A on ground level ONLY. if the problem still persists

only kpn mechanic can solve this.


good luck

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@Rajendra Nirmal Thanks for your response. My apology for this late reply. I think something went wrong with saving your changes in your profile.

I can not see your zip code and house number. Could you please update it (once) again? 

Do not forget to save your changes. 


@Lisa My profile is already updated with my house number and zip code. It’s present in Persoonsgegevens and Contractgegevens. I am not sure how come you are not able to see my details.

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@Lisa My profile is already updated with my house number and zip code. It’s present in Persoonsgegevens and Contractgegevens. I am not sure how come you are not able to see my details.

Could you please check this again for me? This is your profile. I can not see your housnr. or zip code.

@Lisa I have updated my details in my profile and saved it. I hope you can now see my house number and postal code. 

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@Rajendra Nirmal Yesss, I can see your personal details now.
I do not dare to reboot the modem unannounced or change things from a distance. I have some steps for you which allow you to solve this problem.

  1. Pull the plug of the fiberglass box (NT/FTU) for two minutes.
    1. Normally located close to the Experiabox (V10a)
    2. It has three lights Power, Glass, Ethernet
  2. De-connect the two amplifiers from the V10a
  3. Reboot the V10a
    1. (‘hidden’ reset button on the back)
  4. After 10 minutes re-connect the two amplifiers
    1. Allow the V10a to fully reset and restart
  5. Push the reset button of each amplifier (on the back) for 5 seconds. 
  6. Wait for the amplifiers to synchronize all its data with the V10a (max. 30 minutes).
  7. Check the internet speed through a speed test. 
  8. What internet speed do you measure? 

Hopefully, this will solve your problem. If it doesn't please 

@Lisa I followed step by step instructions sent by you but sadly no improvement in the speed. I checked the speed test twice but the max speed over wi-fi that I am getting is 31.2 Mbps whereas my package is 200 Mbps, although I don't expect it but it cannot also be just 30 Mbps. 


I approve that you remotely reset the modem and do all the steps possible anytime. If the internet doesn't work,I will know that you are trying to resolve the issue remotely. So please feel free to whatever is possible to resolve this issue.