Why is my installation delayed?

  • 1 April 2019
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When I signed up for KPN on Friday internet, I arranged the installation for Monday the 8th. Now I see that the tracking says that it will be installed on the 17th? Why was I lied to when I was buying the service??

Beste antwoord door Marina_ 2 April 2019, 16:18

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Hi @Cdjacks, Welcome to the KPN forum. How nice that you have opted for an internet subscription with us. I understand that it is a mystery to you why your subscription will be delivered on the 17th instead of Monday, April 8. I want to find out for you how it is possible and whether we can do anything about it. To do this, can you enter your postcode, house number and client number to your forum profile? (this information is only available to us and to you)
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@Cdjacks I have not received a message from you. Hopefully it worked out well with your subscription. Otherwise I would like to hear it
I used the chat to figure it out.

What happened was that the wrong address was recorded (not by me) and the confirmation letter was received by my neighbour who somehow just delayed it instead of cancelling it. I confirmed my correct address with customer service and it worked out, my installation date is now the 11th.
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Good that you now know where it went wrong. If anything is unclear, will you let us know? For now I wish you a good weekend.