ZTE H368N WAN configuration

  • 31 januari 2017
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Hello. I am speak english. Can I ask you?
My client have a router ZTE H368N, but I can not configure the WAN port act in dynamic internet network via UTP cable. There nothing in WAN conf screen. 3g conf screen have a parameters to be configured, but WAN not. LAN can not be conf'd too 😞.
This device potentialy have a great functionality and HW, that i can not access and use. My client want to conect this device in our network, Our network uses TCP/IP protocol via ETHERNET(over the UTP cab cat5 - 100M/b), IP takens DYNAMICALY leased by MAC.

HW V v1.02
SW V v1.01.00T09o.4v3
BOOT LOADER V v1.01.02
xDSL PHY V A2pv4bF038j.d24e

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You can't change the WAN to do DHCP. It does PPPoE over VLANs bij default
😞 This part of network workin VLAN-10 untagged, x.x.x.x/23. Or I need to insert just pppoe and thats all? I have there 3g_pppoe - will it work in my case if please our admin to enable pppoe?
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That isn't possible. The H368N is supposed to be used on a KPN fiber or DSL connection and is supposed to be returned when you cancel your subscription or get a new router
I understand