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  • 23 september 2019
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I changed from my TV&Internet to KPN, and choose the medium pack. Because I am a new customer have a discount for 6 months.

When installed last Friday 19/09, understood that this package does not satisfy me and went to the shop Saturday to upgrade the internet however had to choose for an addition to the pack.

I understand now that I should have chosen the higher pack. In the simulation , reducing the speed to the normal (as this higher pack already has the desired velocity), and with the price difference I still will pay a little more, but would satisfy me.

Just spoke with customer service and was told that this upgrade is not possible as I have a 6 month discount. So the option is to be during 6 months very dissatisfied with the service wrongly chosen. Only after that I can change...

Is this the best KPN can do for a new customer ? Is this the right customer experience you want to transmit?

2 reacties

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Hi @JCruz, I'm sorry to hear this. Unfortunately a discount is indeed linked to a specific package. Changing that package within the discount period voids that discount.

However, it is always possible to upgrade the speed. We offer 'speed bundles' (for lack of a better word) that can be combined with every package. See Sneller Internet: verhoog je internetsnelheid bij jou thuis | KPN for more information (the section titled "Razendsnel = razendsnel"). It does not matter what the speed of the base package is. You can change or remove a speed bundle monthly.

I'm glad to help you with this. Could you update your profile with your address and client number?
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@JCruz: I haven't heard back from you. Did my reply help you resolve this issue or do you still need help? Please let me know.