Stalking door to door sales

  • 13 April 2024
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I would like KPN door-to-door sales guys stop to come to me every week because this is becoming very annoying. I already told the very first guy that I am not interested in buying the KPN services at this moment, but they continue stalk me and ring at my door even on weekends. They try all the selling techniques like shaming me for paying too much for my current internet provider and telling me that all other people already bought KPN services, and I am the only one bad person in the house who doesn’t. They behave aggressively and if they come again I will call the police.

I live at ****** at Amstelveen.


Admin: address hidden for privacy reasons


Beste antwoord door Erik van KPN 16 April 2024, 10:21

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Hi @Olga Blacksmith, welcome here! I'm sorry to hear you're being bothered by our local sales team. If you have told them you are not interested, they should be leaving you alone. I will send this on to the local team. But for that I do need your house number. WIth that they can block your house properly, and look into who has been bothering you. 

So, please add your house number to your forum profile and reply here when you've done so.