Impossible to play games on laptop through hotspot unlimited data access

  • 10 May 2024
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Hello, I have been a customer of KPN for 4 months and I finally decided to write a review about the unlimited internet, a review that will not be positive. Why? Because KPN blocks my access to the games I play on my laptop via hotspot access and not immediately, but after some time as if they saw that I use too much internet for a particular application (game) during the day, emphasizing that I have in the package no limit to use 10 GB per day and how I use the internet for which I pay is already my business because if I could buy stationary internet I would have done it long ago, and such pathological moves from the company towards the consumer are unacceptable, and I encountered something like this for the first time.


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I assume you are aware of the fact that there is a limit of 10GB per day for 2023 and earlier subscriptions and 20GB per day for 2024 subscriptions. When you reach this limit you will have to activate an additional 2GB bundle for every 2GB you want to use on top of that. These 2GB bundles are free of charge.

This is normal practice at all Dutch telecom providers.

Hi @ymddd .  I'm not sure if you also download the games or just play them.  If you only play online that wouldn't use up that much bandwith? Or maybe I'm missing something.