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  • 17 april 2014
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Hello, where can I reactivate the sim card. I got a mail, that my sim card is blocked. The only way which I found is to topup the prepaid card, **bleep** my prepaid account shows 25,72 Euros! Thanks for answers kind regards Frank

2 reacties

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Dear midget1500,

Welcome on the KPN Forum.

In this particular case I'd like to advice for you to contact our customer service department on phone number 0800-0105.

They will gladly assist you further in this matter.


Kind regards,



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IF you did not use the prepaid for a period longer than 6 months than the simcard will be set as inactive. After a small period of time then it will be deactivated which is irreversible. Increasing the calling credit should be possible through the website if it is only set as inactive :)