No mobile contract for expats at KPN?

  • 23 juni 2016
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I am an expat working in the Netherlands for next few years, however i do not have a Dutch Passport or Dutch Driver's License (which is required to get any abonnement at KPN, even for Sim-Only contracts) .

So now i have TV + Internet + Vaste Bellen from KPN (which does not require any of these dutch-only documents) , but i can not sign up for ANY mobiele product at KPN to take advantage of the "KPN Compleet" options.

Is KPN not able to assist foreigners in the netherlands? My current option is to go with Tele2/T-Mobile because they have Month-to-Month options and accept my VerblijfsTitel+Foreign Passport for mobiele abonnement.

3 reacties

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Hi @silvertemplarx, welcome! Unfortunately it is not possible to order a mobile subscription online with a resident permit. An online order can only be placed with a Dutch passport, a Dutch driving licence or a Dutch identity card. I would advise you to visit one of our KPN Shops. There it is possible to place an order with your resident permit. You can find the nearest shops through our website .
Hi Paul,
I am in the same situation as silvertemplarx and I did went to the store in May 2017, however I was told that it is not possible to make a subscription for mobile telephony with foreign ID card/passport or with the Dutch residence permit.
It is very strange, specially because I have a contract with KPN for internet, fixed telephone and TV for many years now.

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Hi Amina, welcome! I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing difficulties signing up for a contract. It's possible with a Dutch residence permit to arrange a mobile subscription, just like you did for the internet services. My advise to you is to return to the store and try again. If they again say that it is not possible then they need to really explain why. The Dutch residence permit can't be the problem. If you have any questions, let me know 🙂