pre paid Sim-internet?

  • 6 januari 2013
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Please forgive me asking in English, my Dutch isnt very good yet!

I have a new pre paid KPN sim.  I have put it into my iphone and have switched on data charges.  I have toped up 20 euro and brought a 24 hour internet pass from KPN.  my iphone will not go online and says I dont have a data account!

I have registered the phone with KPN and Mijnbut cant see any option to turn the internet on.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions please?

Many thanks in advance...

2 reacties

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You can try this.

Settings > General > Mobile network > Put mobile data and 3g on > Mobile data network > On top you see APN, fill in: > Reboot your iphone. If it still dont work pres your home button and lock butten at the same time until you get a reboot.

 Can you also call with the prepaidcard? To be sure that you have the right one.

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Beste Elliot7,

Did the solution offered to you by Jeroen470 solve the problem for you?