E-Sim bij KPN?

  • 14 oktober 2016
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28 reacties

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I already canceled my contract with KPN and going to T mobile. good luck guys who is still waiting from KPN for esim
How many subscriptions do you have and with which providers?
I have two subscriptions with KPN and now I already apply to move one of them and in next week I will move another one to TMobile
Reputatie 7
We have all our subscriptions at T-Mobile except one data-only subscription of 500MB in order to stay "KPN Compleet". With "KPN Compleet" this subscription has 1GB and costs us €5,- whilst we get a €9,99 discount on the "pluspakket". So the total costs is minus €4,99 per month.
I just wanted to give you this tip in case you also have "Internet en TV" at KPN with the "pluspakket" or FOX sports but no mobile subscriptions anymore.