Hoe kan ik meerdere port forwardings instellen op mijn Box 12? Krijg een melding over poortconflict

  • 30 November 2023
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I have several external devices that I want to add to my home network

For example: no real devices or IP addresses

Canada central FQDN device 1
Japan west FQDN device 2

The port forwarding rules I need are:

Outgoing TCP 443

Incoming UDP 3239

However, once I successfully add the first line, I get the message (Port Conflict) when I try to add the second line. How can I add multiple rules for many external devices with the same ports using the Experia 12 modem? I hope this makes sense.

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Hi @Andy Sumpton : Please have a look at this knowledgebase article: 

All information about portforwarding is documented there.