Power adapter for KPN FTU is missing

  • 24 May 2022
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Hello, I am missing power adapter for this. I was wondering where I can buy one for it and how much Watt it needs. Does it use the same energy as the modem? I have a black KPN Box Modem.


Beste antwoord door Thomas van KPN 25 May 2022, 08:43

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6 reacties

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Welcome to our forum @beyza! Depending on the type of box you have on the wall we usually send an engineer to replace the power adapter. Can you tell me if you had an adapter that went missing or that it was never delivered in the first place? 

Also to see if we can send you a new adapter or if you need an engineer please fill out your profile. That way we can see how to restore services for you as soon as possible. 

I’ve never received one! I don’t need an engineer but please send me an adaptor.

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Thanks for your info @beyza, it seems we can't send these power adapters manually so we'll have to send over an engineer as they do have have these power adapters. When would this suit you?
You can also call us about this on 0800-0402 if you want. That's always quicker and might be easier to schedule in the engineer.

Do I have to pay for them? If so, how much? 

They can come at the soonest time possible.

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No cost! :), I've scheduled him for this afternoon! You'll get a confirmation by text message.

thanks a lot!