Could you please activate my prepaid sim card?

  • 2 November 2023
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Hello I bought the KPN Prepaid Sim card and I thought it self activates when abroad.Could you please activate it for me.


Beste antwoord door Michel.uit.Arnhem 2 November 2023, 18:16

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Hi @Freidas 

You can only activate a KPN Prepaid SIM card on KPN's own mobile network in the Netherlands.
Activating a KPN Prepaid SIM card on a mobile network abroad is therefore not possible.

A KPN moderator can activate it for you remotely.
To do this, complete your forum profile in full, especially remembering the 06 number of the prepaid and SIM card number.
You will find this information on the packaging and the SIM card itself.
Enter this information in the "personal comments" field so that it is only visible to yourself and the moderator.

Please take into account a waiting period of several days before a moderator will process your request.

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Hi @Freidas. Welcome! What Michel writes above is correct. I can activate your prepaid SIM card for you remotely. I can activate your prepaid SIM card for you remotely, but I do need some information from you. I see that you have not yet completed your KPN Forum profile with your details. Will you leave a message in this thread after you've done this?