I want to turn my subscription into prepaid

  • 10 May 2024
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Hello there,

My company allowed me to keep my KPN number that I used for work as my personal number.

I would like to switch this to a prepaid plan instead of a subscription because I am not an EU citizen, and my residence card has expired. My employer informed me that my number is free, and I can retain it using a "customer ID."

Do I need to be physically present in a KPN store to request transferring my number from KPN Zakelijk to KPN Consument, or is there a way I can obtain a prepaid plan online via an eSIM?

Vriendelijke groeten,

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Hi and welcome to the KPN community @Felix Adam!

You don't have to visit a KPN shop to keep your number and switch to prepaid. The easiest way is by filling in this emigration form. This way we know you don't longer live in the Netherlands, and through that form you can make sure we switch your subscription to prepaid. I hope you're able to fill it out, by using Google Translate for example, because the form is in Dutch.

The other way is by contacting our customer service, by calling +316 1200 1200. My colleagues can help you with switching your mobile number to prepaid. I can imagine that this is not the most ideal way, because of the costs of calling from abroad, however, now you can decide what's the best way for you to arrange this.