Prepaid simkaart activatie in België

  • 22 January 2019
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One of my friend send me KPN prepaid sim card bought from Albert Hejjin in NL 7.5 euro.

I am in Belgium. Open sim card and insert my Samsung J7 mobile.

But even I downloaded and confirm e-mail and number Mijn KPN app, when I enter the number it is said that the number is not activated.

Also I cannot check balance, can not call, can not top-up.

Internet connection is not come.

The operator in here :


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Hello @speedylaw
A prepaid-sim can only be activated when you are connected to the KPN-network. Outside the Netherlands that is not available.

Albert Heijn will sometimes sell cards which are expired (max. date of activation).

If the date is OK then you can activate the card in de Netherlands. It cannot be done bij KPN on remote; the card itself must connect to the KPN-network.
  • You can go yourself or
  • you can send the card back to your friend who can activate it in his phone.
To activate:
Make a call (with connection)
Send a sms

After that, to use outside the Netherlands!
Buy 'beltegoed' (after activation) for the card otherwise it will not work outside the Netherlands!
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Hi speedylaw, welcome to our KPN Forum!

I understand you are in a difficult situation right now. The simcard must be activated in the Netherlands, before you can use it anywhere. I've send you a private message, with some information. Can you reply to that? 🙂