Prepaid simkaart activeren

  • 25 February 2019
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Hi i received new sim card and i want to activate it .can you help me to activate my prepaid sim card. Best regard

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Beste antwoord door Erik van KPN 26 February 2019, 17:43

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4 reacties

I received new prepaid sim card and i want to activate it. I'm in belgium. Regards
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Hi, Adam, welcome to the forum! Have you bought this card new from us? If so, to activate it, you need to use it (make a call or send a text) when still connected to a KPN network. If you're close to the border, you should still be able to do so. If not, then, unfortunately, it is not possible to activate the sim card for you.
Thanks Erik for your replay,
I was in Nederland last week and i bought new prepaid sim card but i dsent use it in Nederland.
After i come back to home (belgium) i try to use it , but its can't activate can you help me?
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As I said, the sim card can only be activated by using it on a KPN network. That means a network in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, we cannot activate it for you. So, you would have to come back here (or have someone else take the sim card here). Then, when in the Netherlands, make a call or send a text.