Slow mobile data connection

  • 2 February 2019
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I have aprepaid kpn sim and my current bundle is 👇
Unlimited mobile internet (128 kb / s) and 30 minutes / SMS
Valid for 31 days
Stops automatically
To be used within the Netherlands, the EU, Andorra and Belgium
but the internet is so poor how to relove it please i can not browse the internet it is boring because it very slow my phone is samsung galaxy s6 edge i did everything possible to reslove it but it is not work like restore default for mobile network , i change it to auto 2G 3G 4G still slow can you help please

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Hi Safiullah. Thank you for sending this message. Your Prepaid bundle gives you unlimited access to the internet, but the speed is limited to 128 kb/s as you write. This is not the fastest connection, but it enables you to use some basic functions at least. It is not possible to remove the bundle though. Besides that: the speed is also dependant on the network you are using. In the Netherlands it's pretty much ok, but not every EU-country has the same amount of network coverage. In less densly populated countries you might find that the coverage will be less sufficient. You can try changing the local network provider.