Latency spikes, disconnects ethernet/wifi/dlan

  • 8 July 2021
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Hello,For months I have had the problem that my internet connection keeps dropping out. At first I thought it was due to the WiFi, but I made the effort to connect my MacBook directly to the router via a LAN cable and ran a ping test for several minutes.The disconnects and latency spikes occur approx every 20-120sec. Even the direct connection to the Sagemcom F5359 router shows connection interruptions. I'm new to the Netherlands and desperately looking for a service line to report this problem. Where can I report this problem?What i tried:1. Take off the Powersupply of Fiber optic box and router for 10 min (No changes)2. Reconfigure everything and disconnect all other devices like TV, Playstation ect.

best regards

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Hey @RnzY Welcome here. Good to see you found the KPN Forum. On this place you can interact with our online community. Our community consists of our customers and other people, who are interested in our products. You can ask nearly everything: our community has a great deal of knowledge and you can find almost al answers to questions about KPN. The conversations are being monitored by moderators, like me. We are KPN employees and make sure all information is available and ready to be found. In that way, not only the person who is asking a question is being helped, but everyone who reads the topic. If the community is not able to help you, moderators can offer an amount of technical support.  

Our cpmmunity can help you with nearly everything, but ofcourse privacy related issues and checking a connection are not possible. A moderator like myself might be able to help, but if you need direct and personal support, you can also call out customer service (0800-0402) or start a chat on our website. Do you still need help, or have you already spoken to someone from KPN? 

Hey Bart_,
thank you for replying to my question. I will probably call tomorrow to your mentioned phone number.
On your Website i can’t find a button or an option for a chat.
In the evening the problem is much worse:

each 18s some kind of latency spike

@Image - I am running  Dlan + WiFi with the help of the application “Speedify”. Normaly it should catch connection-fails and prevent spikes.

But as you can see none of both prevents the problem. When I switch to Phone Connection(Ethernet over USB) + DLan, then those heavy latency spikes dont appear. Anyway its not a solution to run Internet by combining my regular internet with my phone internet. Its just my last option.

Best regards