Am I allowed to remove an old landline?

  • 14 September 2023
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We are renovating the living room, including taking out the concrete floor. There is an old landline underneath/at the wall which we no longer use (the modem/router is connected via a different cable).

Can we just “cut off” the landline and bury the remaining cable under a new concrete floor, or do we need to have it properly removed by KPN, in case some future owners want to have a landline again?


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You now have glass fibre ?

Yes, we have glass fibre for the internet but the old telephone line is analogue (round socket in the wall). 

If you have a kpn glass fibre subscription, chances that the old landlines ever will be used again are less than zero. In kpn-owned glass fibre areas, they will shutdown the older dsl hubs. So if I were you, I'd get rid of the old stuff. 

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I want to give nuance, the main DSL cable is not allowed to remove, the only way you can get it removed is asking for an removal at if you remove it yourself and KPN finds out then they can give you an big invoice for the removal. 

Is the fiber you have from KPNNetwerk? If that is the case you can also call them, number 088-0063744 and ask them. They can give you an more complete answer.


Lastly; maybe send an picture here on the forum, maybe the old DSL cable is an internal line and the main cable and ISRA is somewhere else. If that is the case then you are allowed to remove it yourself.