CLIP with Experia Box v9 and Siemens Gigaset A540 (Nummerweergave op Experia Box v9 en Siemens Gigaset A540)

  • 18 maart 2018
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I have a Siemens Gigaset A540 DECT phone connected to a Experia Box v9. Whenever someone calls, the phone does not show the caller's number. Unfortunately, the phone does also not show a "missed call" message when there was no number. However the numbers are shown in the Experiabox's logfile.

It looks like this is because KPN uses DTMF for CLIP. Is it possible to switch this over to the standard FSK?


Beste antwoord door wjb 18 maart 2018, 19:55

If your phone only supports FSK you will have to use a DTMF -> FSK converter like the ARTECH EX700.
Where did you buy this phone?
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If your phone only supports FSK you will have to use a DTMF -> FSK converter like the ARTECH EX700.
Where did you buy this phone?
Hi wjb,

Bedankt voor je snelle reactie! Ik heb de telefoon meegenomen toen ik twee maanden geleden uit Duitsland naar hier verhuisd ben.
(Hope my Dutch is understandable - I brought the phone with me when I moved here in January. I bought it in Germany.)
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Dein Niederländisch ist ausgezeichnet.

Ich befürchte das Telefon wird ohne DTMF -> FSK Konverter nicht funktionieren.
Du musst entweder ein neues Telefon kaufen oder du brauchst einen solchen DTMF -> FSK Konverter.
Dankjewel, your German is even better! I hoped there is a configuration setting on part of KPN. It's weird they use DTMF, looks like I chose the wrong provider (z*ggo) uses FSK as everyone else, if I can trust my googling...
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You're right, KPN is one of the very few, if not the only, Telecom provider that still uses DTMF.
I used to have a DTMF -> FSK converter with my Gigaset SL910A and that worked fine.
I replaced the base station by a Gigaset N300A IP as I also needed the handsets to be used on a second line through another VoIP provider. For this base station the DTMF -> FSK converter was not needed anymore and I sold it to another member on this forum.

The Artech EX700 is still on sale but on the other hand my personal opinion is that it might be wiser to replace the telephone or -if possible- the base station.
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Telefoon in Duitsland gekocht, dus: alleen ondersteuning FSK nummerweergave. KPN heeft, als enige, DTMF nummerweergave. Dus volg de tip van wjb voor een converter. Dat is volgens mij goedkoper dan nieuwe dect set.

Ze zijn geschikt voor nummerweergave bij KPN als er onderop het basisstation M101 in het typenummer staat.

. . . . . - . . . . . - M101 - . .

En de tekst "analoge telefoonaansluiting in NL"
Oké, dank aan jullie beiden voor de gedetailleerde antwoorden!