Probleem met bankrekening en terugbetaling

  • 29 November 2023
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Dear KPN,

I’m writing this post in English which I hope won't be a problem, but I want to explain my problem and situation as detailed as possible since this is the only way to contact you.

I was on exchange in the Netherlands and I had a subscription for a phone number. My contract was until November 2024. But unfortunately, my exchange ended earlier, in July this year. I wanted to terminate my contract due to emigration so I sent the document from Utrecht city hall (that confirms that im leaving the Netherlands) through your website (emigration section). But I got no answer, so I ended up sending that document 3 times. That was in the period from July until October. During that period, money for a subscription was deducted monthly from my account. To mention that all that time I spent in Serbia where using that phone number was impossible. During that time, I also contacted your customer service multiple times and they kept telling me to send the document again. The last time my document was rejected I called customer service and they started an investigation about my case. After a couple of days, I was informed that a mistake had been made and that my contract was terminated and the phone number was switched off. I also received an email from Jorg Kramer which says that my money (250e that was taken from my account in the period July-October) will be reimbursed on the date of the next invoice. Here comes the problem. I don't live in the Netherlands since July, and I don't have a visa or BSN anymore. Because of that my Dutch bank account that was in my contract was shut down recently. I tried changing it to my Serbian bank account, but that is not possible. And since my number is shut down, I do not have access to MijnKPN app and I can't call customer service. Calling from my Serbian number would be abnormally expensive. 

So I sincerely ask you for some advice or solution to get my money back. And I hope the right person will see this because, as I explained, this is the only way to contact you.



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Hi @Jana Djokic, welcome to the Forum! It will indeed be tricky to give you money if the bank account we have on file no longer existst :) Would you please fill out your forum profile and reply here when you've done so. I'll see what I can do. 


Hoi @Erik_, thank you for answering. I filled out the profile, and I really hope we will be able to find some oplossing :)

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I've looked into this, @Jana Djokic, and unfortunately I can't really do anything for this. So, I suggest you fill in this contact form. Explain the situation, include your Serbian bank account. But, I would also suggest, if at all possible, you add a Dutch bank account as well. Maybe, you still have friends or relatives in the Netherlands that will consent to you using their bank account for this. Because I am not sure we can send money to a foreign account.