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  • 6 mei 2021
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My KPN internet should have been activated from today. However, I could not connect my modem (KPN box 12) to the port. The modem needs to be connected by a LAN cable but the box on our wall has a round (TV) cable attached to it (see pic)

Also, the connection in my apartment is an old (copper?) connection.


Will it be upgraded to fiber optic now or later? Honestly at the moment connecting the modem and  getting any internet will help a lot. Am I supposed to change the cable myself? I requested for technician help but not sure if it is registered or whether anything is scheduled. Can you please check and let me know what I am suppossed to do?

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Beste antwoord door Erwin_ 11 mei 2021, 15:14

This is true. I see you contacted our retention department. Did you cancel the order?

We can try and order on the dsl/copper line.  Is this something you would like to try? (average waitingtime for a copper subscription is around three weeks)

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The cable on the first picture is coaxial and meant for tv, not for Internet. The box in the second picture is called an ISRA point and is property of KPN.

Your DSL modem needs to be connected to the red and blue cables in that box.

To the right of that box I see a telephone socket. If that is connected properly to the ISRA, the modem can be connected to that socket. If a remember correctly KPN supplies the proper connector (plug with 4 pins) with the modem for that socket, as well as a cable from that plug to the modem. It only needs to wires to work.

If it does not work you need to book a technician, call 0800-0402 to make an appointment. If you leave your data in your profile on this forum a moderator will also try to help you, say within one to two days.

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The first photo is from a coax/Cai cable which KPN has no use for. The second is from the ISRA. This is the first point KPN is coming from. Next to the isra is a square box, does that have an output? Even though the isra is old it should work well. 

In the installation box with the modem is a small plastic bag, in there you'll find a black and white cable +/- 50cm. You need to insert one end in the dsl port of the modem and the other one in the ISRA. Since this isra is connected further you probably need to insert it in the square box. 


From the modem you can connect a LAN cable in the 4 yellow slots to the interactive TV tuner. This is how you install internet from kpn. 

The fiber question is something kpn is working on, with a mission of 80% of Dutch homes connected in 2026 or 2030 if I remember correctly. You can check if your home gets fiber in the near future on


(Sorry for my broken English, I'm a native Dutch writer/speaker 

Thanks for your replies. Indeed the telephone box is connected to the ISRA box. I shall request KPN if they can send a 4 pin cable with LAN output


I moved to a new apartment and booked a new connection. KPN sent me the box 12 modem, which is suppossed to be connected to the wall by a WLAN cable.  The aprtment has a  coaxial connection for TV/ Ziggo and a 4 pin connector supposedly for KPN

The 4 pin box is connected to ISRA box with red and blue wires, the orange and white are not connected (wrapped in tape).


Can I get a connector/cable to start using the internet?

I see a similar post from March where KPN sent an adapter.

Can @Thomas or any other moderator please help?




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Hi there!


You could always try to cut off one end of the grey RJ11-cable you received with your modem, strip the wires and screw them into place on the rectangular box. Probably the red and blue wires are the ones you want to replace. Plug the other end into the modem.

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Hi @Berni S, if I check your address, I see you're going to get your signal via a GPON fiber connection. This means you don't have anything to do with this ‘old’ copper phone connection. 

The company NetwerkNL should have connected you to the fiber network, have you contacted them already? If not, I'd advise you to give them a call tomorrow, phonenumber NetwerkNL (scroll down)


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Oh whoops, then completely ignore what I've said before, that's only applicable to an xDSL-connection, fiber has its own point where it is going to be installed.

@Maja_ Many thanks for replying. I have been asking for technician visit. I called KPN on Wednesday who said they will put in a request for me with KPNnetwork. I called KPNnetwork on Friday to ask if they have any update on my request. They refused to talk to me and said that I should talk to my provider. It seems I am going in circles between KPN and KPNnetwork, one referring me to the other. I see that orange fiber optic cable are just put in my street, but no buildings are yet connected to it, however, they must be using some form of internet. I have booked a connection in March (1.5 months in advance) because I desperately need it for my work. Honestly at the moment I would rather prefer to be connected to the old ‘copper’ connection rather than waiting indefinitely to get a fiber optic connection.
Is there any way of hooking my modem to old connection?

Best wishes,

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Hmm, it seams you really are going in circles :slight_frown:

As of now, I have a few days of and won't be able to tackle your problem myself. I'll transfer your topic to my colleague @Erwin_, he is the right person to assist you in this situation :slight_smile:  You'll hear from him as soon as he has some news regarding your connection!

Dear @Erwin_  There is an update regarding our situation and @Maja_ 's reply above. This morning I got a call from KPNnetwerk. Our building is NOT scheduled to be connected to fiber optic/ glass for months and they will not do anything about it now. They suggest we contact you for an alternative.  So what is our option now? Can you send us an alternative modem so that we can use the old copper connection? There are hundreds of families on our street who does not have fiber optic connection, but are using internet somehow. Why cannot we get the option from you what they are getting to use the internet? Please help, internet is not a luxury for us, its a necessity.

That is sad news, @Berni S . I'm afraid I don't have an alternative.

We can send you a emergency dongle but those are not made for intensive internet use.

I'm examining the option to switch to copper but there's a 90% chance that wont work. I'll let you know soon. 


Thanks for your reply. If nothing can be done (new connection cannot be put in and old connection cannot be reactivated), we must ask for contract termination. There is no point being in a contract if we do not get the service, right?

This is true. I see you contacted our retention department. Did you cancel the order?

We can try and order on the dsl/copper line.  Is this something you would like to try? (average waitingtime for a copper subscription is around three weeks)