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  • 3 augustus 2021
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Dear KPN,

Please retain better software developers that work on the Experia UI. You have now screwed up two different deployments to the Experia devices and each time I’ve had to step through the terrible web UI code to figure out what was wrong. First time, the 5Ghz band psk wasn’t getting set. So I could not connect via the 5Ghz band at all. Took me a couple of hours of debugging to figure out why I couldn’t connect via 5Ghz and eventually figured out how to manipulate your stupid code in order to make sure the 5Ghz band psk is set. Obviously someone complained at some point and you needed to deploy a fix. Only whoever did the fix is probably the same *** that broke it in the first place. So they broke it again. This time, the 5Ghz SSID was disabled because they are literally checking if the 2.4Ghz radio button is visible. Luckily, this time around, I was already familiar with the terrible code and was able to manually force the 5Ghz SSID to be enabled while stepping through with the debugger. How many times are you going to deploy broken software, KPN? How long are you going to continue to let this developer ruin the WIFI experience of your customers? How am I supposed to enjoy the 500Mb/s connection if my devices can only connect at 2.4Ghz speeds (144Mb/s max)? If I didn’t have the knowledge and experience in IT in order to fix this myself, I would be waiting for a montuer to come out, for them not to be equipped to fix the issue only to be stuck with slow internet waiting for a software fix from the same incompetent developer that caused the problem in the first place. Then I’d probably need to argue with you over the €60 cost of the monteur to come out.

TL;DR: Your software developers suck and you should feel bad about it.


A very grumpy customer.

4 reacties

Ja und? Sonst noch etwas?

Get a life.

Ja und? Sonst noch etwas?

Get a life.

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You do realize that the modems that KPN offers are made by third parties and not by KPN?

Do you really think that it helps calling people stupid? Support people are humans and just like you they have feelings. In your first post calling them stupid, why?

There are hundreds of KPN customers on this forum offering help. Perhaps if you explain your problem more clearly and with less attitude, they will help you. I won’t because of your offensive attitude.

Back home everything is better? So why are you still here?