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  • 26 June 2019
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Apologies for posting in english, my dutch is not very good yet, I have only recently moved to Holland.

I have moved into an apartment, I have been assured about internal wiring for a telephone line .. but there is no ISRA point to which to connect broadband, or a telephone. I can see the cable, but it is clearly unterminated.

My pending provider (not KPN) apparently cannot help with this, and I need to get tough with KPN to validate the line works etc .. but I have no idea how to do this.

Is there a number to call that is best?

Thanks in advance!

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@m1nkeh No problem, we will manage in English. As far as I understand you already have a subscription with another provider. In that case, your provider should ensure that your services and subscription are delivered working. It is possible that your provider uses the KPN network, but are responsible for your subscription. If you are not a customer at KPN itself. I cannot view your data and help you. If I misunderstand and you are a KPNcustomer. Would you like to add your zip code, house number and customer number(s) to your forum profile (this data is only available to KPN Moderators and to you) ) Then I can see what I can do for you.
thanks for the reply @Marina_ , yes i am not a KPN customer, but i understand that KPN 'own' & 'maintain' the network.. so i am trying to get some answers as different people tell me different things ;(

If we assume i had no telephone at all, i understand that it would be KPN that i contact to do the work?

I have some people telling me that my provider should 'complete' the work, but my provider is surprised when i tell them that i am expecting them to check for an ISRA, and put one in if it's not actually there.

The landlord of my building has telephoned KPN, and they have said "the telephone connection to the home was already made", i can clearly see cables (pair1, pair2, etc) but there's no actual box to plug my router in to.


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Hi @m1nkeh, There is a difference between KPN Network and the provider KPN. Via this website you can enter your postcode / house number to see if there is a cable and what speed you are achieving. Then you can take out a subscription with us or with a provider that uses KPN's network. You can find our subscriptions on this page. If you have any questions about this, please let us know.
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@m1nkeh, I have not seen a response from you so I assume you have no more questions. Otherwise I would like to hear it!