New socket for DSL

  • 14 januari 2021
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Dear all,


  • I need a new wall socket for my Xperia v10 modem … the connection is shaky
  • I also experienced that my TV set top box is very slow

Would be good to talk to a KPN klatenservice about this!



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@KlN Call 0800-0402

The TV set top box will get new firmware this week so please be patient.

My box has the new firmware already since last week.


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Hi @KlN, welcome to the forum!

Can you describe ‘shaky’ for me and explain which socket you think is in need of replacement? If you're referring to the KPN socket, could you please place a photo here so I can see what we're dealing with?

Would you also update your profiel and give me a heads up if you’ve done so? I'd like to run a diagnostic on your line, to see if I can find any errors!