Only 41 Mbit/s upload speed with 1 Gbit/s subscription

  • 26 November 2022
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Hi there,

I moved to a new appartment and “signed” the contract for KPN Glasvezel 1GB. However, when doing the speedtest, I only have 41Mbit upload speed. The blackbox, where the orange cable comes in shows two green lights and no Storing. I also tried to connect the modem directly, but no improvement…

Is there any additional activation needed from KPN or what might be the issue here?





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Hi @Caroline82 and welcome to our forum! Apologies for the late reply, it's very busy. 😥 If the upload still isn't up to speed, could you try a speed test on a laptop or computer directly connected to your modem with an internet cable? Is it then still 41 Mbit/s? If so, try resetting your router, hopefully it's better after that. If it's slow through WiFi, then I suggest you walk through our Wifi Manager. That will change your settings and, if that's not enough, give you advise on how to improve the WiFi. Hopefully one of these tips will help!