2 new mobile subscriptions activated today, but I can't share data with them

  • 8 June 2022
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Hello, I have two mobile subscriptions that I activated today. One is ilimited data, and the other one is 0GB. I was told that I can share 50GB with this other SIM. But when I go in the MijnKPN app, the option to share MB does not show my other mobile as a recipient, shows some museums and other stuff. 
But in the MijnKPN and the website portal, the two mobile subscriptions are shown.
Could someone help me, please? Thanks!

8 reacties

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Hi @Caio Merces 

Are both subscriptions registered for the “Hussel” benefits? That is necessary to be able to share data. You can check this and arrange it if necessary via https://www.kpn.com/hussel/aanmelden.htm

Hi @RBxx

Already did this and still the other number does not show!

This is what appears when I click on share MB in website:


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Hi @Caio Merces , occasionally this doesn’t work. As a customer just like you, I can’t help you with that. There are two options. You can call KPN customer service now on 0800-0402 (free number) or wait here for a reaction from a KPN moderator, which can take 1-2 days.

Thanks @RBxx! I will wait for a KPN moderator.

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Hi @Caio Merces , to save time please put your personal information in your Forum profile.
The fields marked (Privé) are only visible to you and KPN. Place the 06-numbers in “Persoonlijke opmerkingen”.

HI @RBxx!



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Hi @Caio Merces, welcome to our forum. With the details on your profile I've taken a look at this. It looks like the Hussel registration was done on June 2nd, but it hasn't finished yet. It should have finished by now, so I've made a ticket to the Hussel department. They will take a look at this and contact you if they need more information. If they don't, they will fix the activation for us. 

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Hi @Caio Merces, I see the Hussel department has finished the activation for both numbers. They are active now and you can share data between them. They've also send you a text informing you of this. That was probably in Dutch, so I figured I would inform you in English aswel 🙂

If there is anything else we can do for you, don't hesitate to ask us.