Molbile internet on KPN Prepaid stopped working even after top-up

  • 28 September 2023
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Today, here in Amsterdam, my mobile internet, from prepaid plan, just stopped to work.

Just for knowledge, I saw there’s no saldo anymore, and then I top-up with 10 euro for more 2GB. 

After the payment was proccessed (via Wise), approved by the Wise app, in the browser, it led me to an 500 error page. And then, still no saldo.

I tried once more on my laptop, and the error persists. My phone still do not has internet and I spent 20 euro on this.

How can we procceed?

Thanks in advance



Beste antwoord door Marcia van KPN 3 October 2023, 13:19

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Ha @Bruno Campestrini, welcome! For this kind of question, you should call 0800-0402 next time. My colleagues can look right into it. Are you still in Amsterdam and is the problem still there? If there's anything I can do, please let us know.