How long time it takes to upgrade from prepaid to abonnament after order? [ENG]

  • 3 October 2023
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Hello people,

Im coming with question as in title, someone can say something about it?


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Beste antwoord door Maja van KPN 8 October 2023, 21:46

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Hello @Ver5ace ,

Dat hangt af van wat jij gekozen hebt : 

(It depends what you have chosen.) 


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Hi @Ver5ace,

If you have Prepaid, there is no contract so it should not take very long. You should receive a text message with a date 🙂

Was your Prepaid already a KPN number? If not, we send a request for ‘nummerbehoud’ to your provider, and as soon as they approve you'll know when your subscription can start!