I'm abroad and can't receive calls.

  • 25 september 2019
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I'm not in the EU in the moment and I can't receive call on my phone. It says "This number is not available, you will be disconnected."
I have prepaid card with funds on it.
In the same time I'm able to give calls to any number.

Is there any restriction on my card?


2 reacties

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Hi @ElAndre, if this is caused by a restriction I would expect outgoing calls not working, instead of incoming calls. Strange! Could you update your profile with your cellphone number and reply here when you're done? I'll look up the network settings and hopefully I can find a problem. If not I'll create a ticket for our technical team to look into this as soon as possible.
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@ElAndre: I haven't heard from you back unfortunately. I hope the problem has been resolved already, if not, you know where to find us.