My prepaid internet speed is ofter very poor

  • 16 November 2023
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I have sworn so many times at the poor internet speed that i have with KPN. I bought the unlimited monthly data 128kb / second and found it to be useless, i then bought the normal 3 Gb data.

Now the 3Gb is not used but rather the 128kb unlimited data meaning my 3 Gb will expire before i even used it? Surely this cannot be acceptable?


Please advise 



Beste antwoord door RBxx 16 November 2023, 10:39

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Unfortunately there can only be one bundle active at any time, so the 2nd bundle is on hold.

A bundle that has been activated cannot be removed, not even by KPN. You will have to wait until that bundle expires automatically after 31 days. What is possible is the following: the 2nd bundle can be reimbursed by a KPN employee if that bundle expires unused. You will then receive those costs back as calling credit.

I would much rather move to another service provider if this is the case.

It would have been so much better if your system did not allow the second data purchase seeing it cannot be used. It feel like money being stolen.

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I agree but it’s not my system. I’m a KPN customer like you.
On this community customers help each other with their knowledge and experience. 

A KPN moderator will react when necessary, but that will take several days.

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Hi @DC Botha , welcome to our forum! It is as RBxx mentions above, to get a refund you can call us on 0800-0402