Impossible to unsubscribe from KPN

  • 12 September 2023
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Wonder if anyone was able to unsubscribe from KPN.

Few days ago I subscribed for KPN 1Gb internet connection at my new place, but immediately after, because of various reason (including reviews), decided to cancel the subscription using my 14 days cool off period.

But they really seem to be unwilling to give me that option.


First time I had a call from CS they asked a bunch of questions and then kept me on hold for 26 mins(!) while “processing my request”. Not even joking! And then all of a sudden he just hanged up the phone. No confirmation if it’s processed, nothing!


Luckily that day I managed to find and submit the online form, so now I have evidence that I requested contract termination within 14 day.

They have never reach out to be back though. I assumed they are trying to drag this over 2 weeks so that they can deny my right for cool-off period unsubscribing.

This morning I tried to get in touch with them twice, but both times the operator was just silently sitting there saying nothing. I mean what kind of creepy stuff is that?!


If you consider to get a subscription with KPN, be ready for it to be a one-way ticket unless you fight them.

I’m going to replicate this post to all social media at the end of the day today.

And if they attempt to charge me for this subscription I’m gonna file a complain to legal authorities. Luckily I have all the evidences now.

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@Marat Welcome to our forum. 

Sorry to read that you have so much trouble cancelling your contract. 

I would like to check what I can do for you. 

Could you fill in your forum profile with atleast your zipcode and house number and let me know when you did? 


Hi @Rutger_ ,

I filled in the details

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@Marat Sorry for the late reaction. 

I have been ill for a week. 

Thank you for filling in your forum profile. 

I see that my colleague tried to contact you twice. But that there was no contact. 

If you don't want to wait untill another call you can contact 0800-0402.

If you tell the computer that you want to cancel, and then you wait you will get a colleague on the phone. 

Made few more attempts with customer support, no one has been able to resolve the issue. While I keep being mailed about these unpaid invoices that are made illegally.

Unfortunately for you, I have all the evidences in this story.

I’ll see you in court, incompetent amateurs.